Thailand Plastic Pollution – How You Can Travel Plastic Free

Thailand Plastic Pollution – Learn How You Can Travel Plastic Free and feel great about it!  Traveling Plastic Free is easier than you might think.  It simply takes a bit of preparation.  All of the items you need, you most likely already have at home!  So, just take an extra moment when you are packing and you can help us by contributing to Thailand Going Green.

Step 1 – Bring your own bag

By bringing a lightweight reusable bag with you, you can reduce a lot of waste.  In Thailand it is common for each vendor to provide their own plastic bag. Most of these bags are only used once and then end up as trash. Learn how to say no to plastic by watching this adorable video below!

Step 2 – Bring your own reusable container

This may seem like a strange thing to bring from home, but much of the food in Thailand can be ordered as street food or takeaway dishes. In this case there is a huge amount of waste from one meal only (multiple plastic bags, rubber bands, styrofoam plates, and even plastic cutlery.  You can quickly avoid all of this by providing your own container, and bringing along some travel chopsticks!  Then, you can enjoy your meal by the beach plastic free.

Step 3 – Bring your own water bottle

Krabi Spesialisten partners up with two organisations working together to reduce plastics here in Krabi.  Trash Hero offers reusable bottles that can be refilled for free at any of the local filling stations- read more and see a full map here at Refill My Bottle.

Step 4 – Be aware of any additional plastic that you don’t need

Thai people are very generous and want you to have everything you need- but, it is ok to tell them that you don’t need additional items such as:

  • Plastic ware
  • Extra bags
  • Extra sauce containers or packets

You can politely say no in Thai by saying “Mai Ao ka” as a female,  or “Mai Ao krub” as a male.

Step 5 – Use your refillable water bottle in hotel room

You might be surprised to know that the majority of waste comes from the hotel room itself.  The reason which is that we simply grab whatever is nearby and the cleaners take it away to the bin. Half full water bottles are thrown out en masse and the environment is suffering for it.  You can help by bringing your awareness into the room. Use your refillable water there, as well, and if more water is needed, ask your hotel if a refillable water station is nearby. I’ve usually been able to find large and free containers of water at breakfast and then I stock up for the day.

Step 6 – Reuse hotel towels and request she changed only upon leaving the hotel room

This step is the easiest one! Simply ask the hotel to not replace your towels or bed linen until after you check out. Towels can be quickly dried on the balcony and then reused to reduce tons of water within the hotel itself.

This further helps the environment because it reduces waste water as well as the wash chemicals that end up in the sea.

By doing these small steps, and choosing an Eco Tour company, you can ensure that your trip is Plastic Free.

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