Krabi’s Secret Spots & Hidden Gems

We hear a lot from our guests that they would like to get away from the crowds and discover new areas of Thailand.  That is why we have put together a small list of recommended destinations for you here!

Krabi’s Hidden Gems

Everyday we are blown away by the diversity our destination offers to travellers and locals alike. Even the most seasoned holidaymakers in Krabi can still discover new spots. Our aim is to show these spots to our guests and go together in small groups.  We have found that this makes the trip more enjoyable, and it has the least amount of environmental impact.

Krabi’s diverse landscape and variety of flora and fauna need to be protected, while it is also enjoyed.  It is possible to visit even the most delicate environments with low impact.  The lowest impact is either by foot, or, by kayak.

Our “Secret Spots” can be explored environmentally friendly by Kayak – the freshwater source of Klong Roud, tucked away in a tight jungle – or on foot: The fairy forest of Than Bok Khorani with its many waterfalls or the Kanab Naam cave in Krabi town are an easy stroll. For guests that like a challenge, the steep slopes of Ngorn Naak Mountain in Tub Kaek and the narrow Klang Cave in Ao Luek are perfect. Our representatives and travel consultants have a treasure trove of half day activities that can be done with a small group or as a private experience.

Private Tours Available!

For those preferring ready-made packages we have created a group of Sustainable Tours that focus on doing just that. Ask us about packages like the sightseeing transfers that include these gems!  We are happy to put together custom or private tours for you and your group.  Just contact us in advance with your dates and destinations, and we will happily arrange a private tour just for your group!

Interested in learning more?  Just contact us for the details!  We are happy to help you make the most of your holidays here in beautiful Thailand!

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