Reef Safe Sunscreen – Why You Need It & Where to Buy

Taking care of the reefs is one of our top priorities here at Krabi Spesialisten – that is why we carry the Reef Repair Sunscreen for our guests.  Traditional sunscreens contain either  oxybenzone and octinoxate.  Scientists and researchers have found that these chemicals lead to the bleaching of coral.  This means that the homes and food sources for many creatures is deteriorating.  But, the good news is, we can do something about it.  We can make sure that our sun protection is Reef Safe.

One of the things that makes Thailand unique is its wide variety of sea life.

Thailand Fun Fact:  Thailand has one of the largest ranges of biodiversity in all of Asia!

It is home to a variety of sea life such as:

  • Soft and hard corals
  • Tropical coloured fish like Nemo (Clown Fish), Angel Fish, Bat fish,
  • Larger creatures can be found scuba diving like Blacktip Reef Sharks, Giant Moray Eels, and Giant Grouper
  • Strange and interesting fish like cuddle fish, mantis shrimp, and octopus
  • Visitors – Thailand also has wonderful visitors coming through like the famous Whale Sharks (up to 12 meters long), and beautiful schools of Manta rays can be spotted from time to time.

You can learn more about these creatures and also learn how to identify them from looking at these fish slates.  Can you identify any of the sealife you have seen before?

Purchase Reef Safe Sunscreen

One of the best ways you can help keep the corals and fish safe is by making sure your sunscreen is “Safe for Reefs”.  Here at Krabi Spesialisten, we would like to make that easy for you and your family.  You can purchase this HERE at our store:

Help us protect these beautiful creatures by purchasing your Reef Repair Today!

Just Contact Us for further details about our Shop – or, Click Here to get the Map right now!

Learn More about Reef Safe Sunscreen for Healthy Coral Here:

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