Plastic Free Tours in Krabi #PlasticFREE

Here at Krabi Spesialisten, we believe in sustainability.  We understand that we will need to be the forerunners in this race, and, we will also need to educate others on the importance.  It is our mission to take on this role, and insoding, become a more Eco company, ourselves.

Reducing Plastic Waste

As with many tourism towns, we are up against the issue of Single Use Plastics.  We understand that this is a matter of convenience, for our guests.  So, we want to help make things Easier for You to be Eco :)!

Reusable Bottles

We have created a reusable bottle program.  This is a first step towards removing single use plastics from Krabi’s beaches and Islands. Guests can now pre-book refillable bottles for their tour. Refill-systems are on all Krabi Spesialisten operated land and sea-excursions.

Refillable Bottles

All new tour products for 2019 have included refillable bottles as an option.  And, if you purchase your Trash Hero bottle (or, if it comes with the trip) you can take them home after the tour.

These bottles can be refilled for free at all Trash Hero and Refill-my-bottle refill stations around the globe. At an average daily use of single use plastic 3 bottles per guest we are able to avoid at least 36,000 bottles on our beaches and landfills in 2019.

One Small Change Can Make an Enormous Difference!

We all know there is a plastic situation, but oftentimes, we default towards convenience.  That is why we feel it is our duty to our guest to make the Eco option easy for them.  And, every single bottle counts!

Did you know?

If guests continue to use the bottles throughout their holiday in Krabi – refilling for free at our shop – the number of avoided plastic bottles climbs to over 250,000!

We encourage you to join us in our Environmental Mission to Keep Krabi Clean!  Ask us about our Trash Hero Bottles Today!

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