Ao Nang Krabi Trash Hero Cleanups – Get Involved!

Trash Hero’s mission is to bring communities together to clean and reduce waste.  They do this through a variety of projects worldwide:

  • Weekly Cleanups
  • Bottles & Bags
  • Community Waste
  • Trash Hero for Kids
  • Trash Hero @ Work
  • and Partnerships

Our aim at Krabi Spesialisten is to work together with the local community to help improve and clean up our area. We meet for regular cleanups with Trash Hero Ao Nang, and participate in cleaning up rubbish in a variety of tourist destinations. This helps to spread awareness about the environment, as well as helping to keep Krabi clean.

Our staff are committed to helping with cleanups whenever we can, and, also committed to spreading the word for others to get involved.  Trash Hero posts regularly to its Facebook page to let others know when and where the next cleanup will take place.  Typically, they will announce on a Friday where their Sunday cleanups will be.


You can check out the Ao Nang Trash Hero Facebook Page.

You can also get involved in other parts of Thailand on the Thailand Trash Hero Facebook Page.

Reduce Your Single Use Plastics While Traveling

However, the best thing to do is to generally try to reduce your consumption of Single Use Plastics.  Here are the top 3 ways to do that while traveling:

  1. Bring Your Own Refillable Bottle – we sell refillable Trash Hero Bottles at our beach side store, stop by and buy one to refill at any participating Refill Station.
  2. Order “In” to Avoid “To Go” Cups – ask to have your beverage in a restaurant and make sure to specify that you would like to have a glass or mug, and not plastic.
  3. Bring Your Own Bag & Take Away Containers – most stores in Thailand are quick to give you multiple bags of plastic just for one item of food.  To avoid this, bring your own locking Tupperware container, and your own bag.  This way, you are not accumulating unnecessary trash, and unwanted single use plastic.

Lastly, you can Get Involved in the next cleanup!  Just Contact Us for more details about the next Trash Hero Cleanup Day!

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