Thailand Tropical Fish

Snorkelers and Divers travel from all around the world to view the beautiful Thailand Tropical Fish.  Thailand is known for its biodiversity and variety of marine life that it has to offer.  Our goal is to help show our guests this beauty while they are visiting Thailand.  Find out the types of fish you are likely to see – in our beautiful Sea!


As they say, there are many fish in the sea!  And Thailand is no exception.  Some of the favorites are listed here in this post, but be sure to ask our boat staff for more details for fish identification.

Finding Nemo

The “Nemo fish” as people call it from the movie, Finding Nemo, is actually called a Clown Fish.  This fish can be found close to the reefs as its home, the anemone needs to root and attach to coral.  The Clown Fish have a special coating on their scales that allows them to live in this stinging house that other fish (and humans!) can not touch.  These are beautiful fish to observe and consider yourself very lucky if you in fact Find Nemo!

Damsel Fish

These yellow and black Damsel Fish can be seen towards the surface of the water in many snorkeling and dive sites in Thailand.  They love to stay near the top of the water and are not afraid of humans!  They may even swim right up and have a tap at your mask.

Damsel Fish like to stick together, so you may see a group of them as you enter into the water.


Sea Turtles

There are two types of sea turtles that you can spot in Thailand.  The one shown above has a bit of a beek if you look at his nose and is called a Hawksbill Turtle.  This is the best way to identify the differences to find out which type of sea turtle you have seen.

If it has a rounder nose, it is called a Green Turtle.  At first glance, they are difficult to tell apart, but just remember to check the nose!  Turtles love to eat bubble coral (it is light pink and looks like grapes or bubble gum).  If you see this type of coral nearby, scan the area for turtles and you might be lucky enough to spot one!

Whale Sharks

These big beasts are massive, but, harmless.  Many people come to Southeast Asia just to have the opportunity to spot a whale shark.  If you are one of the chosen ones that catches a glimpse, be sure to give them lots of space as they may want to surface.  Whales can hold their breath for incredible amounts of time, but will eventually need to come to the top to get some air.  That is how they are most often spotted, by divers, and snorkelers alike!

Interested in learning more about Thailand sealife?  Just contact our staff to find out what the best tour is for you and your group!

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