Thailand Refill My Bottle & Reduce Plastic Program

We are proud to have joined RefillMyBottle – an online map that shows people where they can refill their water bottles. The goal is to reduce the number of single-use plastic bottles used unnecessarily throughout the world.

Refill My Bottle Program

The Refill My Bottle Program is a worldwide initiative to reduce plastic from around the world.

In the tourism industry, Single Use Plastic is even higher.  Did you know:

More than 40% of Plastic is used Just Once, and then tossed.  This percentage is even higher in coastal regions, and tourism areas.

Here is a quick video to watch to learn more:

Get Involved!

The best way to become more sustainable as a traveler, or as a business owner is to get involved and take part in the solutions.


If you are a Tourist – you can participate by bringing your own reusable bottle to any Refill Stations that you can find here – download the app

If you are a Business Owner –  get on the map.
Being a RefillStation is beneficial to businesses. Not only are we taking action to create a sustainable solution and preserving our local environment, but it can increase traffic to your business and have a positive impact on your brand image. A win win for everybody involved in the community!

If you are an Advocate for Sustainability – Please help us to spread the word!  You can SHARE THIS POST on Facebook, Twitter, Insta – wherever!  Just give us a like and share and the more people that know about local sustainability efforts, the more people will participate.



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