Thailand Art Biennale Tour

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For those of us that have chosen Thailand as our home, and for the many tourists that keep coming back, year after year, we all know there is something very special here.  A feeling that one cannot quite describe, a bit like living in a fairy tale, or a past time, a bit like a Wonderland.

How appropriate, then, for southern Thailand’s first art tour The Thailand Art Biennale Tour to be entitled, “Edge of the Wonderland”.

The Krabi Province is most known for its dramatic landscape, beautiful beaches, and world-class resorts.  The diversity of what this province holds in a relatively small space is what attracts the millions of visitors each year.

Thailand Fun Fact:

Khao Phanom Bencha mountain which, at 1,397 metres (4,580 ft) above sea level, is the highest mountain of the province.


Edge of Local Culture and Tourism

Join us for the tour that begins in Krabi Town and travels to Koh Klang & Thara Park. We will visit these areas and you can experience the sculptures and exhibits showcasing Thai culture.

The artists invite you in with these lively colors and bright paintings. These backdrops are fantastic for photographs, and understanding more about local culture. It is our hope to help you experience a deeper understanding of Thailand’s rich artistic history.

All sculptures are along this edge and incorporate this motto in some way or another. Most sculptures also explore the edge between tourism (the visitor of the exhibition) and local culture.

Edge of the Sea

Thailand has a rich history based in beautification and artistic design.  For those wishing to visit the edge of the sea, join us for fantastic interactive designs and a day of amazing photography.

In this tour, the exhibits play with the waterline, illusions separating Land and Sea, and created a variety of experiential art exhibits fantastic for photography, and appreciating the lush scenery.

Krabi Province is also famous for its karsts, the limestone mountains that jut straight out of the sea.  These unique formations have been the inspiration for many artists here, throughout time.


To get a better appreciation for this, you can join us on our Klong Muang and Ao Nang Tour, where we discover this vast scenery by land and by boat.  Come along and ride with us in an actual piece of art! You will surely enjoy this artistic voyage and unique Thailand experience.

Edge of the Spirit World – Ao Leuk

In our Ao Leuk Tour, you will experience a variety of exhibits that seem to be focused on the spirit world.

On this tour, we discover the edge between the world we see and the locals’ spirit world. The Fairy Forest of Than Bok Khorani is the perfect stage for the sculptures exploring other planes of existence – be it the world of past loved ones, or, the world of legendary creatures like the Kinnaree and the Manorah.

The second part of the day we will explore an “otherworldly” cave temple that has its roots in the pre-Buddhist animism and is kept by a very special monk.  This special trip will be loved by cultural enthusiasts, or those interested in taking eerie photographs of ethereal designs.

Edge of Wonderland

Krabi’s motto is “friendly people by the sea”.  In this series, you will get the feeling of the friendliness, but, also gain a depth of understanding of the Thailand culture that you would not have experienced before.  Join us on these tours to view all of these exhibits to gain a greater understanding of the Thai Wonderland.

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