Sustainable Tourism Leaders in Krabi

Krabi Spesialisten, a sustainable tour operator and holiday package creator in Krabi and Southern Thailand, is engaging in responsible travel activities and foraging the path of sustainable tourism development in Thailand. We believe in making our tours as sustainable and low impact as possible, and that is why we participate in a number of ecological activities to help improve the surrounding environment.

It is our mission to educate tourists on ways they can reduce their ecological footprint, and to offer a variety of sustainable tours to choose from. We also invite tourists to partake in community programs and events.

Low Environmental Impact Tours

We have a variety of sustainable tours that are focused on reducing the environmental footprint of tourism. Having spent many years in the area, we discovered that a great number of places can be visited and enjoyed from kayaks. Creating tours based on not using motorised vehicles all the time, we are able to educate our guests on how to take in the beauty of natural areas while leaving no trace

Plastic Free Tours

Krabi Spesialisten created this initiative to try to encourage other tour companies and tourists to go plastic-free. Our aim is to reduce the consumption of plastic on tours here in Thailand. We encourage our guests to bring their own bottles, and use our Refill My Bottle programme so that they can stay plastic-free during their Thailand travels.

Refill My Bottle

We are excited to be a part of the Refill My Bottle programme which encourages locals and visitors to be more ecological regarding single-use plastic. By participating in this program, we help to reduce plastic bottle usage and encourage everyone to refill their reusable bottles here.

Our mission is to create sustainable holiday experiences that benefit our local communities, the environment and our valued guests.

Local & Community Based Projects

Leading the way in sustainable tourism, Krabi Spesialisten partake in a number of initiatives to help preserve the beautiful natural environment of Krabi and to support the local community. From beach clean ups to coral planting and water safety initiatives for local children, our team is dedicated to sustainability in Krabi. 

Krabi Spesialisten operate a number of ecologically sustainable tours, opting for less impactful transport options and a zero single use plastic policy. Our aim is to help provide opportunities for our company to Keep Krabi Clean, while continuing to provide the highest quality serviced tours to our guests. Along with local stakeholders both private and government, we are working our way towards a regenerative community in Krabi. Not only focussing on sustainability but also restoring the damage we, as a community have caused.


We have teamed up with Starboard to bring SUP Kids to Krabi. This program encourages children to fall in love with the ocean, at the same time as teaching them how to stand up paddle board and vital water safety skills. This program will give local children the confidence to be around the water and equip them with the skills to work around the water in future.

Trash Hero Ao Nang

Our aim is to work together with the local community to help improve and clean up our area.  We meet for regular cleanups with Trash Hero Ao Nang, and participate in cleaning up rubbish in a variety of tourist destinations. In addition, we also invite locals and guests to join us. This helps to spread awareness about the environment, as well as helping to keep Krabi clean! Ask us how you can join in for the next Trash Hero Cleanup Day!

Our Coral Reef

Krabi Spesialisten have taken their ecological sustainability initiatives to the next level by sponsoring our very own reef just off the coast of Ao Nang. Along with a local coral propagation company we will re-reef an area just off of a local paradise island. Our efforts will help to preserve this ever struggling but oh so beautiful ecosystem. 

Be Part of Something Great & Meaningful

If you would like more information or to give something back to Krabi, please do not hesitate to contact us. Guests of Krabi Spesialisten regularly partake in beach clean ups and other environmental initiatives. Currently we are also working with several other local stakeholders to reforest Krabi’s mangrove forests and seagrass beds.