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Krabi and Ao Nang

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Krabi is a flourishing seaside town on the Andaman Sea. The charm of this land is known worldwide for its white beaches and cluster islands. Lying 814 kilometers from Bangkok, Krabi covers 4,708 square kilometers. Various archaeological evidences prove its famous ancient community. Krabi marine area covers more than 130 islands.

The province is separated into 8 Amphoes (Municipalities): Muang Krabi, Ao Luek, Khao Phanom, Klong Thom, Koh Lanta, Plai Phraya, Lam Thap and Nua Khlong.

The northern and eastern part of Krabi border Phang Nga and Surrat Thani province. Krabi also borders Trang to the south and Nakhon Sri Thammarat to the east. The climate is same as in Phuket: 2 seasons, dry and rainy. Apart from tourism, the major income for Krabi is from agriculture, especially from palm oil, of which Krabi has the largest plantations in Thailand.

If your dream is to spend your holiday in some of the most breathtaking and picturesque surroundings, it can become true in Ao Nang, Krabi; a virtual paradise for anyone desiring luxury and relaxation.

Fine-grained white sandy beaches with swaying coconut palms, incredible cliff formations, crystal clear water and a unique variety of life above – and below – sea level, has made the area surrounding Krabi a paradise on Earth.

Ao Nang is one of the most picturesque areas, with the loveliest islands in Thailand (and, probably, the rest of the world). Some of the beaches worth a visit are Hat Nopparat Thara, Tonsai, Railey West, Phra Nang Beach, Koh Poda, Chicken and Hong Island.

From Ao Nang, there are several exciting excursions by boat available that include sunbathing, snorkeling and diving. You are close to them all. The small village of Ao Nang still retains its tranquil pace of life, despite the fact that you now can find shops, bars and intimate restaurants. Ao Nang is an ideal starting-off point for your diversified holiday. You will find boats and ferries with daily departures to Phuket, Koh Phi Phi, and Koh Lanta. Plus from Krabi Airport, it will take just a short flight to Bangkok and Singapore.

A 10-minute boat ride from Ao Nang Beach will take you to Railay Beach. Backed by limestone cliffs and jungle, this curved beach is totally isolated from the mainland and can be only reached through boat. The peninsula includes Phra Nang Beach and the Princess Cave. Railay is also known as Thailand’s rock climbing capital, a fantastic place for climbers.

Klong Muang is located approximately 10 kilometers to the north-west of Ao Nang. This is an area which is currently in the early stages of development, but with great future potential. It is home to 5 star hotels of the caliber of Ritz Carlton and Sofitel.

Located about 17 kilometers from Ao Nang Beach on the banks of the Krabi River, this town retains much of its traditional air.

Khao Khanap Nam is a twin hill 100-meters high on the banks of Krabi River that serves as the symbol of the town. Apart from that, there is the statue of the black crab that represents Krabi. Get a visit to the markets, small local shops, restaurants and bars. Krabi town still keeps its local and charming way of life. It is worth an experience.

Siamopithecus Oceanus, is the scientific name for what local Krabi people call the Siamese Monkey. It supposed to be a humanoid ancestor from the Eocene period, around 35-37 million years ago. Remains were found in a mine in Neua Klong district, what makes Krabi definitely the oldest known settlement in Thailand.

Proud of this long “history”, the Krabi administration decided to reconstruct the look of these Thai ancestors in the form of sculptures.

Now visible and well known to the public, four of them are carrying the traffic lights in Krabi Town. Probably everybody in and around Krabi knows about this story for a very simple reason: shortly after their statues were erected, there was a disorder. Krabi people felt uncomfortable seeing the primitives’ statues standing naked with their reproductive organs exposed. The artist was called swiftly to fit the 35 million years old ancestors with primitive undergarments.

The discovery of the remains of these ancestors contributed to the new assumption that monkeys, as the origin of humans, spread out to world originating from Asia, but of course they did this whole world-populating process without shorts!

Krabi Traffic Lights

These marvels of nature are famous for their extreme beauty. The islands are small, without automobile traffic and stress; the water is crystal clear with lovely corals and dozens of enchanting beaches and coves that can be reached by boat. Varieties of exotic birds are scattering all over the islands. The dramatic coastline with its limestone cliff formations and palms that conceal small bungalows and restaurants are part of the enchantment of these isles.

In 2004, 40% of the islands were affected by the Tsunami, while 60% escaped the disaster. Today, Phi Phi islands have returned to their natural beauty. The water is clearer than ever. The Phi Phi islands is tremendously popular holiday destination and remains one of the largest tourist spots atop Phuket, Krabi and Koh Lanta.

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