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Koh Lanta

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Koh Lanta is the largest island among a group of more than 50 islands located on the south coast of Krabi. Koh Lanta is situated in the southernmost tip of the Krabi province. It consists of two islands, Koh Lanta Noi and Koh Lanta Yai.

Koh Lanta Noi, the smaller of the two islands, does not have tourist facilities. Visitors traveling by road from the main land pass through the smaller island on the way to Koh Lanta Yai.

The beautiful Lanta beaches lie along the west coast of the island. They all have long stunning stretches of white sand facing the Andaman Sea. The East coast of Koh Lanta is flat and has many local villages scattered along its coastline.

Koh Lanta is a very diverse cultural mix of people who have lived in harmony for hundreds of years: Thai Muslim, Thai Chinese and the original sea gypsies still live on the islands. The biggest town on the island is Lanta Old town. Many spots in Koh Lanta remain unspoiled until these very days

Khlong Dao is a spectacular three kilometer stretch of white sand and shallow clear water which is two kilometers from Saladan pier.

It has been the first beach to be developed in Koh Lanta, just 5 years ago. Klong Dao boasts spectacular sunsets and white sand landscapes. The beach is lined with casuarinas trees and offers dazzling sand, tepid and translucent water as well as panoramic views.

Excellent, safe swimming makes this the most popular family beach on Koh Lanta, and yet, in peak season this long beach never gets crowded. The beach offers a wide selection of up-market and small family owned resorts with something for all budgets.

Located South of Klong Dao and known as “Long Beach”, Phra Ae is a stunning crescent of sand some 4 kilometers long, lying on the northern end of the island. The beach is steeper and the water not as sheltered as at Klong Dao. The resorts here are spread out over a great distance mainly clustered at the north end and south ends. Accommodations are affordable and the food is delicious and abundant. Most visitors find Long Beach less crowded, even in peak season.

A little further south is Klong Khong Beach, another three-kilometer stretch of sand with palm trees and a good collection of resorts famous for their sunsets and laid-back locals. Klong Khong offers extremely peaceful and serene atmosphere, standing nine kilometers from Ban Saladan. You can see the rocks when there is low tide. There are plenty of coral reefs offshore providing an excellent opportunity for diving. Swimming and snorkeling is excellent right off the shore. Bungalow prices are substantially lower than the northern beaches, and many are small and local family owned.

Klong Nin Beach is located at the same way to Lanta National Park. It has a few kilometers stretch of sand beach with emerald green-waters.

It is the perfect place if what you need is a real secluded and relaxing paradise. The beach is shadowed by tropical trees, coconut and pine trees. The back end is a greenest of tropical rain forest. Like almost all beaches on Koh Lanta, Klong Nin Beach offers tranquil and peaceful atmosphere. Bungalow prices depend from simple, inexpensive family bungalows to more upscale pool and spa resorts.

Ao Nui is a curved white sand and clear water beach ranging one hundred meters a bit further south of Ban Kantiang. Tropical rain forest and high mountains in the backdrop make this beach unique. The tide is shallow that makes it very suitable for swimming. There are no resorts in this secluded paradise. It is a good resting spot on the way to the National Park.

This is the southernmost beach in Koh Lanta. There is a waterfall in the area that can be reached by elephant trekking or hiking.

In Koh Lanta National Park, there are two beaches: Had Hin Ngam (Beautiful Stone Beach) and Tanod Beach (Palm Beach). Starting from Klong Hin beach, the road going to the national park and the beaches becomes narrower and has some quite sudden dips and rises, and sometimes sharp curves. Around the area are trekking trails where you can spot birds and different kinds of wildlife. Here is where the lighthouse symbol of Koh Lanta is located. This marine park is at the southern tip of the island. The beaches are a great place for a picnic; just don’t forget to prepare your own food and drinks as there are no restaurant facilities!

This is a remarkable stretch of white sand and iridescent aquamarine water which is excellent for swimming.

Surrounded by the mountains of Koh Lanta National Park, this small beach is only one kilometer long. There are excellent corals for snorkeling as well. There are just a few resorts on the beach that makes this tiny beach quiet, ranging from simple family owned resorts to a five star resort.

There some beaches on southernmost of Koh Lanta before getting through the National Park area. All of them are tiny beaches with a few hundred meters sand beach. These beaches are Ao Nui and Ao Mai Pai (Bamboo). The beaches are so quiet and secluded. Around the area are high hills covered with tropical rain forest. The distance and road conditions make it hard to access, but the reward is silent and peaceful environment. There are just only a few resorts on these beaches, mostly family run.

This beach is surrounded by the mountains of Koh Lanta National Park that make it covered from the outside world.

It is an excellent area for swimming for it is a shallow beach with friendly waves. The northern part is rocky and offers good snorkeling activities. One hour walk uphill takes you to a small waterfall and a cave. There are just a few resorts spread along this beach.

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