Are Jellyfish in Thailand dangerous?

Many tourists want to know the answer to ‘Are jellyfish in Thailand dangerous?’. The answer is that most jellyfish you encounter can sting and hurt for an hour or two, but the majority of jellyfish in Thailand are not deadly.

They are, however, still quite uncomfortable to get a sting from! Let’s go over what to look for, what to avoid, and how to handle a jellyfish sting if you do receive one.

Look Out For Jellyfish

When you are beachside in Thailand, you will need to be aware of where you are walking. Quite often, stings can happen at the beach! Have a look down as they can be clear in color and tricky to see. Also, beach shoes are great to avoid stepping on anything unpleasant like shells and small rocks.

Snorkelling and Diving also presents the opportunity to see (and get stung by) jellyfish. You will need to look around in all directions, especially by looking UP. Many snorkelers or divers go down and look straight ahead but will come into contact with jellyfish as they are coming up.

The best thing to do in this situation is not to panic!  Swim with enough distance between you and the jellyfish and allow as much room as possible to avoid contact.

What to Avoid

Sometimes our natural “caveman curiosity” takes over and we want to go poke at a jellyfish or swim up to it to get a closer look.  This should always be avoided, as it is how many people get stung.

You can also try to avoid jumping into deep water without snorkelling gear as it is then more difficult to see them underwater when they are nearby.

What to Do if You Get Stung

There are other ways to get past a jellyfish sting other than the age old advice of peeing on it. Firstly, the sting needs to be neutralised and cleaned. Using soap, or even seawater to wash the area will reduce the initial stinging sensation.

After that, it is good to treat the area with other topical applications that will take away the burning feeling. This can be done with vinegar, or, even banana peels. Most boats have bananas onboard so just ask if you can have one and rub the peel over the affected area. This works like a charm!

Be sure to watch the area and if any allergic reaction occurs, go to a doctor or pharmacy immediately. Mild reactions can be normal and will be treated with antihistamine. However, in rare cases, a person may have a strong allergic reaction and should go to a medical facility for treatment.

For the most part, any small sting will clear up within a day and will not be a problem on your holiday. Just follow the above steps and precautions and you will be just fine!

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