Travel Packages

What makes Thailand one of the major tourist destination? For some; it might may be the delicate cuisine, and for some others, it could be that warm and smiling culture, or maybe it is those temples and palaces. Surely, Thailand has a lot to offer.
There are a great variety of what Thailand can offer. The activities can be so diverse, that it is difficult to list up all things available. The white sandy beaches in the Gulf of Thailand, or the Islands of the Andaman, or the serene lake and rivers, and or a spiritual feature of the Buddhist country.
Bangkok, being a busting Asian city, is one not to be missed. Being in the center meaning you can visit many places which is within easy reachable distance. Historic Ayudhaya, Bridge over the river Kwai in Kanjanaburi, the seaside city of Hua Hin. Abundance in temples, palaces, museums and vibrant market scenes. Train, roads, underground, sky train, canals long tails are the main mode of transport that is interesting to see.
In the North, is the hub of Lanta cultural heritage, night market scenes, and natural beauty of the mountains, or the “Doi”, are worldwide known.
In the south is the palm fringed beaches. Choose from your liking, from a weekend getaway, to our 5-7 days Islands hopping. Visit to Amazon aged forest and see the tranquil Khao Sok Lake has also become a new tourism bucket list.
Give us an ideal vacation for you, Krabi Spesialisten will provide a tailor made experience for groups and individual travelers, suitable your travel needs. In many province, we can also arrange multi day travel programs, and take you to destination and finds you a memorable Thailand experience. Choose your packages that fits your interest and travel budget. No need to waste your time fixing the logistics, let us do it for you.